Our super neighborhood

The City of Houston recognized Neartown/Montrose as Super Neighborhood #24 in October of 2001.


As super neighborhood council, the Neartown Association convenes monthly, on the fourth Tuesday, for the purpose of sharing information on activities and events of interest to our community, discussing issues of concern to our neighborhoods and other stakeholders, reaching consensus on actions to be taken when needed, and attending to the ongoing business of the Super Neighborhood.


A Neartown Association officer participates in the city-wide Super Neighborhood Alliance, which serves as a formal advisory board to the Mayor and city government on community matters.  Neartown representatives also participate on City of Houston committees and task forces and meet with our District C City Council Member and other elected officials on matters affecting the super neighborhood.

Neartown/Montrose Super Neighborhood demographics, land use, and resource assessment


The City of Houston launched its Super Neighborhood Initiative in 1999 as a means to facilitate community participation in decisions of local significance made by the City. A super neighborhood is a geographic grouping of neighborhoods, with boundaries designated by the City Planning and Development Department, where residents, neighborhood associations, institutions and businesses work together to identify, plan, and set priorities to address the needs and concerns of their community. Area residents and other stakeholders join ranks and form a super neighborhood council that serves as a forum to discuss issues and identify and implement priority projects for the area.